Helicon Books Products

EPUB3 Reading App

EPUB3 reading application
for Android and iOS

Digital Book Store

Online digital book store
for the eBook industry

Social DRM

Protect your copyrights
with Social DRM 

Online EPUB Reader

Online reading app
for book stores, websites and libraries

EPUB Quality Assurance

Report issues that prevent consistent display on different readers

EPUB validator

Automatic validation of EPUB files

eBooks Production

High end eBooks production 
Interactive or simple books  

Technology & Software Consulting

Consulting and software solutions 

Featured blog posts

Helicon Books Presents – Odor de'eBook

We all wish to teach our children manners, and in the 21th century there are many creative and funny ways to do that. Please welcome the EPUB3 way.

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Why do we need EPUB3 when we have HTML5, does EPUB3 compete or complement HTML5?

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Why not DRM

In this article I would like to discuss the flaws in DRM and why it is harming the legitimate customer. 

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Helicon Books Cloud System

The Helicon Books cloud system is used by stores to send books directly to user's applications, providing better copy protection and ease of use for the users.

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