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  • Politics of technologies in digital books

    Digital books market is gaining momentum in the last few years. Understanding reading application technologies as well as the difference between open and proprietary technology is the key for understanding the digital books market.  

  • The future of EPUB3

    EPUB3 has many oponents some of them saying this is a dead standard and has no future.

    We beleive this is not true and try to answer these oponents.

  • What is EPUB3

    Beginners guide to EPUB3

  • The EPUB standard what lies ahead

    A short summary of what happens today in the IDPF

  • EPUB3 A standard that precede it's time?

    The EPUB3 standard is not so new, it is more than a year old, but still not very common both in readers and in publications. This article tries to show the reasons. Written in a simple and not too technical language.

  • portfolio


    EPUB3 ebooks with sound, animation and 
    advanced multimedia.

    EPUB3 ebooks in a variety of languages including support in different page direction: RTL-LTR.

    Advanced features:
    MathML, interactions
    and multimedia.

    EPUB3 ebooks with 
    unique features such 
    as footnotes which appear
    as popups.


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