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Social DRM


Social DRM- Protect your ebooks against copyrights violation   

social DRM

Helicon Books offers its publishers a solution for DRM problems- Social DRM.
Most publishers  complain against DRM high prices and the fact that DRM is not a real protection and punishes the legal buyer. The Social DRM is a solution for publishers who wish to protect their ebooks and prevent copyrights violation in reasonable prices.

How does it work?

The social DRM identifies the end costumer – “the buyer” through a visual way and stamp the book with the buyer's name. The visual information can appear in a textual way or an image according to the publisher's needs. One creative way to present Social DRM is through a personal dedication from the buyer to someone he wishes to give him the ebook. The Social DRM is also hidden inside each chapter in the ebook. This hidden information can only be recognized by a software.

The social DRM comes to prevent end customers use the ebook in an illegal manner. When the digital book is personalized and stamped with the customer's name it will prevent him from uploading the book to file share sites and/or sell it. The inner hidden social DRM is for the publisher's own knowledge to recognize his ebooks through the cloud.


In addition to adding the person name and address, Helicon Books social DRM gives you an option to add a dedication and thus give an eBook as a gift he/she will never forget. Imagine that each time they open the book they will see your dedication, just like in standard paper book the you dedicate to someone else.


Can Social DRM be removed?

In order to remove Helicon Books Social DRM the remover must have an intimate knowledge of the EPUB standard and a knowledge of the specific algorithm used by Helicon Books. So it is theoretically possible but not easy to remove all traces of it specifically of the hidden social DRM that is embedded in many places of the eBook.


Which type of formats does it support?

Helicon Books Social DRM currently supports only EPUB ebooks.


What is the difference between Social DRM and Watermark?

A watermark in images is a visual stamp of the copyrights owner on the entire image. It makes the image unusable and thus prevents copying. When a customer wishes to buy an ebook he buys it for his own use. Watermark would prevent him from using the book. In contrary to that, with the Social DRM method- the buyer's name is added in a separate page or in the copyrights page. Social DRM does not come to interrupt the reading but rather to identify the customer and thus prevent copying.