About Helicon Books

Helicon Books is a services and  technology company assisting publishers to introduce and adopt advanced technologies for digital books. As IDPF members we accelerate and promote the innovative EPUB3 technology. Our goal is to provide ebooks readable on any device or system.
Helicon Books offers digital books distribution ecosystems for retailers and publishers.
We provide tailor made software for publishers including sophisticated digital book stores specific for the ebooks industry,  EPUB3 reading applications for Android and iOS with white label licensing, online readers, and social DRM.
Helicon Books consults companies in all aspects of digital books and EPUB3 technology.

We assist publishers to create advanced interactive eBooks in all languages including Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, etc.
We handle all kinds of books from simple fiction books to complicated textbooks, interactive children books, art and design, dictionaries, tourist guides, etc.We believe that the new standard of EPUB3 is revolutionary in many aspects and opens the door for new types of eBooks. Digital books  penetrates new markets and countries since the new standard supports top to bottom and right to left languages.
The books world is about to change. We invite you to be part of this progress.