Helicon Books Presents – Odor de'eBook

Helicon Books Presents – Odor de'eBook

EPUB3: The Future is Already Here

We all wish to teach our children manners, and in the 21th century there are many creative and funny ways to do that.
Pro Actif Communications, a publishing company located in the UK, decided (bravely, I might add) to turn Peter Barron's children book into an interactive eBook, educating children about the dreadful consequences of farting. Yes, yes. We said farting.

Fartin' Martin is a book about a boy who's not very pleasant to the environment. He takes his gases one step ahead and go through an incredible journey. We will spare you the suspense and share this viable lesson: In the end Fartin' Martin comes to the conclusion that even fating can be done in the British style—politely.

Packed with animation, narration, sound effects, and a fixed layout, the eBook version of Fartin' Martin is the best example of the EPUB-3 enhanced technology. Why?
Imagine a posh, British man narrating the following paragraph:

“There was no one who ever embarrassed you more,
than Martin Sidebottom, the kid from next door
Martin was one of those horrible boys'
who was expert at making a rude kind of noise...”

Now add an animated purple haze of odor de'stink and an accompanying sound effect.
Suffice to say, with the animation, narration and sound effects, the digital version of this hilarious British children book will send children into endless giggles. Of course, if adults find themselves passing by, we could all be rest assured for the one thing EPUB-3 can't (or maybe won't) do—smell. And thank EPUB3 programmers for that!
So, don't worry, there's no danger your children will get a new pranking weapon called odor de'EPUB-3.
For a sneak peak of Fartin' Martin—the digital version:

EPUB3 - the technology that took eBooks 8 steps ahead

The EPUB3 standard provides an answer not only for interactive ebooks, but also for right-to-left and up-to-down pagination. It is important to say that the development of the standard is still ongoing.
Helcon Books' team takes pride in our innovative thinking, and join IDPF forums, where we participate in discussions of EPUB3 developments. Some enhancement you can expect to see in our app in the near future:

  • Dictionaries embedded within the reading app.
  • Annotations and writing within the ebook.
  • Socail Media sharing.

Currently, the EPUB3 standard can handle interactive elements such as sound and animation, read aloud and text marking at the same time. Calculation activities and calculators, US questionnaires, dragging elements, Graphs and Mathematical equations, videos, and reflowable and fixed layout formats.

It is important to understand that in order to enable complex ebooks reading – not only the book should be created in EPUB3 but also the reading app should support EPUB3 standard.

“A story is also a show,” we like to say here in Helicon Books. A digital book with narration and animation attracts not only children, but also people with reading disabilities (or reading boredom). Many people say that the current generation is giving up on book. Well, we dare disbelievers to try out a featured packed EPUB3. We guarantee you won't be able to put it down.

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