Social DRM

Cost Effective Protection against Copyright Violation


Social DRM


The social DRM purpose is to prevent an illegal ebooks distribution through the internet. This is a cost effective solution for digital book stores owners who seek for a better solution then the DRM expensive solution which is highly hacked. Helicon Books new addition turns it into a promotion, conversion and protection tool- all in one. 

How does it work?

The social DRM identifies the end costumer – “the buyer” through a visual and hidden methods. It stamps the book with the buyer's name and email. The hidden information can only be recognized by software. In order to remove it someone must have an intimate knowledge with the propriatry algorithm used by Helicon Books.

Can Social DRM provide a complete ebook protection tool?

No. Social DRM is a prevention tool. The idea is when a book store send an ebook to someone's mail- his name will be stamped automatically and prevent him from using the book for illegal commercial needs. If you look for a better protection tool in cost effective prices use our Helicon Books reading application. Using our Social DRM does not limits you to certain reading app and this is a major advantage for this product 

Give an ebook as a gift

In addition to adding the person name and address, Helicon Books social DRM gives you an option to add a dedication and thus give an eBook as a gift he/she will never forget.

 Automatic conversion to mobi (Kindle format)

New addition enables automatic ebook conversion to mobi. Thus the digital book store can protect both EPUB and mobi formats.  

Social DRM as ebook promotion feature

New page can be added automatically at the end of the book to enable sharing via social media. This is a highly recommended tool developed to increase customer's sales.  

 Which type of formats does it support?

Helicon Books Social DRM currently supports only EPUB ebooks.

What is the difference between Social DRM and Watermark?

A watermark in images is a visual stamp of the copyrights owner on the entire image. It makes the image unusable and thus prevents copying. When a customer wishes to buy an ebook he buys it for his own use. Watermark would prevent him from using the book. In contrary to that, with the Social DRM method- the buyer's name is added in a separate page or in the copyrights page. Social DRM does not come to interrupt the reading but rather to identify the customer and thus prevent copying.