Technology and general consulting

Inventing the future of digital publishing, that is what we do in Helicon Books. Thinking outside the box is not a cliche, but what leads our team in finding the relevant solution for each product we develop, whether it is a shelf product or a specific product for a specific customer. 

Helicon Books CEO Mr. Ori Idan has been the head of the W3C Israeli office so we are well familiar with W3C standards and IDPF standards. We are members of the IDPF and take active role in several working groups.


In addition to publishing and EPUB, we draw on years of experience in many fields such as:

  • web applications both server side and client side using PHP and Perl on the server side, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 on the client side.

  • XML and text file processing using Perl.

  • Linux programming including Linux GUI with GTK+.

  • Linux system administration.

  • Web server secuirty.

  • Android and iOS app. development.