Helicon Books EPUB3 reader for android, iOS, Windows, Linux and MacOS
One App for all stores and ebooks. Low cost and full protection

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Reading - Helicon Books epub3 reader for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux and MacOS enables EPUB ebooks reading from all book stores and offers a worldwide reading experience in all languages with different reading directions. The reader supports all font types and advanced media options such as:

  • Popup Footnotes handling
  • Page direction RTL-LTR
  • JavaScript support
  • Animation and sound
  • CSS styling for reflowable ebooks.
  • SVG (scalable vector graphics) and interactive SVG
  • User interface in English/Hebrew translatable to any other language
  • Built to support all screen sizes and orientations
  • OPDS- Direct connection to online ebook stores and purchasing option
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Highest protection at low cost - Using Helicon Books Reader publishers and book stores get highest ebook protection paying only few cents for each ebook that was sent to the app. Each ebook is sent from the store to the app through the cloud, with no need to send to customer's mail. Save high costs of ineffective DRM solution with Helicon Books Reader

  • Make it easy for your customers - Sending ebooks direct to the app saves the need of customer's mail. Saves your customers the download process of the book from his mail, a process which might be complicated and a main cause of call for service.
  • Copy is not possible - Sending books direct to the app and the lack of use of customer's mail saves the option of coping the ebook.
  • Limit the download number of books per user - In order to prevent an unwanted distribution of books for free, and in order to enable you a better control of ebooks distribution you can simply limit the download number of each user. This option prevent from number of users using the application with the same mail and possible only with Helicon Books Reader.
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With Helicon Books EPUB3 Reader customers can purchase ebooks direct from the reader. Customers can reach the purchase page on your website directly from the app, a process similar to buying books directly from Kindle.

Helicon Books reader combined with OPDS which enables direct ebook purchasing from online book stores. OPDS- Open Publication Distribution System is a standard based on RSS/Atom that enables book stores to publish their contents in a format readable by reading applications. Helicon Books Reader has the option to display contents from stores supporting OPDS. The reader presents book categories, sub-categories , ebook description, cover image, etc, and enables direct ebook purchasing.

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Branded App

Entrepreneurs, publishers and book stores owners can choose whether they wish to use Helicon Books app or purchase a branded app in white label license. With your own branded app you can get your personal name and logo, relevant developments and customization.

As a customer we give you the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of our application according the budget you have. If you wish to get protection for your books but you don't have the money you can use Helicon Books app and pay only for books that were sent to the reader. This enables you to check the app and the way it can serve you before you decide to buy your own app.
For a branded app with personal specifications please contact Helicon Books.

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Advertise your store in Helicon Books App - Use Helicon Books Reader's traffic to advertise your book store. Helicon Books app is in use worldwide by many readers and book stores. With targeted traffic of relevant audience and with a purchasing option of ebooks direct from the application you can gain not only relevant traffic but also readers who wish to buy books.

Helicon Books enables publishers who wish to promote their ebook stores and libraries to publish their library in Helicon Books Reader. Helicon Books Reader is a free app built to serve all android users around the world. Publishers can add their OPDS catalog to the default list of catalogs in Helicon Books Reader. Please contact Helicon Books for pricing.

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